Once uncertain, the future is bold and robust in its design!

This historic building has been established as a landmark for all to enjoy in many religious ways. The building is open to the multi-denominational needs of the community including weddings, funerals, baptisms, religious worship, and events that require the beautiful setting of the restored St. Joseph’s church. The Church is open for Religious Worship every Sunday at 11 am.


Protect St Josephs

as a Religious and Architecturally Historic Landmark


Preserve St Josephs
23126 Route 267
Friendsville, PA 18818



Regularly stated religious worship is held weekly at St Joseph's Church every Sunday morning at 11am.

The St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church was founded in 1859 by Rev. Priest O'Reilly under the Scranton Diocese authority.

After presenting the Gospel of Christ for 150 years the church was selected to be closed in July 2010 for church consolidation.

All things Christian were removed from the interior of the building and it was left to decay or be sold.

A concerned group of local residents were successful in purchasing the building and are stopping the decay and further damage due to groundwater and general disrepair.